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     Energy and Identity

    Lecture for the European Congress of Bioenergetic Analysis - Psychotherapy , 25. - 28.5.95 in Rome

    Of course -  the Bioenergetic Analysis (BA) is not a perfect therapeutic concept. It has to be developed further. Structural and methodical problems have to be solved. But its most important message is: "Psychotherapy ist body  therapy" and "Psychotherapy is energy work". Both messages are essential factors of BA. They inseparably belong to its identity. Therefore we have to take a lot of care in developing our concepts of  energy and energy work as well as possible. They have to be correct and true - otherwise we would damage the identity of BA.

    Also I would like to demonstrate in the following energy is an essential factor of human  identity. The expectations and hypotheses about energy which modern physics have developed could help to deepen our point of view about the reciprocal action of " body and soul" and help to descrlbe and define  the position of human existence between heaven and earth.

    The emphasis on corporeality in psychotheraphy means alot more than just the use of physical techniques to realize processes of the soul in a human being. BA  brlngs us to the realization - without body there are no feelings at all, and no processes of the soul. The soul, whatever this mlght be, exists and only functions with a body, can only express itself with it and  through it.

    Nobody can show joy or grlef if he cannot change his facial muscles in a way that other people can define his expression as happy or sad. Those muscles can only be changed if a metabolic process is  activated that moves, holds or lets go of those muscles.

    Also other behaviours and spiritual attitudes cause restructuring in the body, nervous system, hormone level or anywhere else necessary. When I want to use  psychotherapy effectively even when it is done as a verbal therapy or as a behavioural therapy I must constantly try to make possible changes within the physical processes.

    This point can remind one of times when  modern sciences dominated European intellectual life and the existence of the soul was denied. A very popular statement of doctors comes to my mind: "I have cut open so many bodys but never ever I have found a  single soul".

    Indeed It is possible that the soul exists but we only experience it as an expression of a functional body. And our life profits not only through these bodily functions but through the spiritual  expression.

    Just look at all those modern computers. Isn't it great what they can do? Not only can they write letters in the finest styles, they paint the most colourful pictures and create the most exciting melodies.  But in fact that isn't true at all! The computer does not write, does not paint and does not sing after all. The only thing it really can do is count. It is a very simple calculating machine that simply can add or  subtract 0 and 1. This is not very interesting for a computer-user. What counts for him is the fact that he can influence the computer so that it paints pictures or sings melodies. Only the expert trying to do something  else with the computer cannot ignore the fact that he simply has a machine in front of himself. Only his readiness in accepting this and the precise knowledge of how the machine is structured enables further development  or the fixing off errors.

    Working with our clients it is of course necessary to occupy ourselves with their mourning to feel their grief in ourselves - to act on the spiritual level. If we ever want to understand what  we really are doing if we want to find ways to influence the action than we have to know almost exactly how this system ´ human being' is structured and how it functions.

    I surely will be criticized for having this  point of view - getting back to the oId occidentaI conflict of the body and soul dualism - in a way that the spiritual will be affected. I believe that some critics of Lowen´s concept are influenced by this conflict.  Heisterkamp comes in his book " Heilsame Berührung." to the point critizising Lowen's separation of therapeutic work in body work and analysis. This separation would intensify the separation of body and soul.  On the other hand Berliner gives the spiritual and the fantasy an extraordinary position within the therapeutic process and gives the body just the function of an object of transition in the sense of the psychoanalytic  theory. Heisterkamp tries to solve the problem by not using the word "body "in the body therapy but as a matter of principle the German word "Leib" which has always meant a body with a soul.

    I  think this problem of dualism will lose its meaning when people start to love their body - that wonderful, complicated and mostly perfect functioning machlne that one can live with so intensly, lovlng, mourning,  grieving, moving, thlnking and creatlng Iike a genius. We do not have to ignore this body if we do not wlsh to be more than we are - just creatures alongside other creatures in this world and the universe.

     So: First of all Psychotherapy is body therapy.

    2. Psychotherapy is energy work.

    Thls statement is both simple and exciting. It is simple because there is nothing in this world which is not energy. The elementary  units, that everything is made of in this world - like rocks, forests, lakes, animals, man - everything consists of energy. All statements, all intellectual and spiritual processes are products of energy. As I am  standing here in front of you I am trying to move and direct the energetlc processes in your gigantic powerstations. When we do psychotherapy with our clients the influence and modificatlon of energetic situations and  structures are always involved. It does not matter at all which form of therapy we choose. We cannot do anything but energy work.

    If we represent a specifc form of psychotherapy with B.A. it would not be correct to  state that we do energy work. We have to define and descrlbe more precisely whether, in what speciflc way and for what reason we want to influence energetic structures.

    Here we have to realize B.A has been developed  in the tradition of the occidental understanding of natural science. If we descrlbe processes in the human organism we do it in models of the western, classical medicine and physiology. We influence the circulation of  man, his metabolic processes, the nerves, hormone or lymphatic systems but not the meridians, the balance between Yin and Yan of Chinese mediclne and so on.

    I will try to show that this clear distinction is not only  necessary for methodological reasons but also shows extensive Iimits withln the concept of B.A.. Many collegues trying to understand theory and experience suffer from this conflict.

    B. A. states: The clients are  energetically charged with thelr exercises until the cramped muscle system lets go and a catharlc dlscharge appears - releasing unconcious feelings that were held back, increasing the aliveness of body and soul. One can  recognize the better flow of energy by the unconscious, twitching movements and by the Iight, tingling feeling and an increased flow of energy. But what do the words 'energy' and 'energy-flow' mean in this context?

     It is indisputable that such exercises activate the patient, tending him to react more strongly and more emotionally. This effect can be repeated endlessly and will be confirmed. But these vibrations of different  strengths which often have this mysterious quality cannot be seen as a sign of higher energy-flow in my opinion. This energy-flow does not exist in the physiology of man.Here flows blood, lymph and hormones, but not  energy. With the interpretation that the observed reactions would signify energy-flow we change into another way of thinking. We leave the classical system of natural sciences and use other sciences, eg. Chinese  medicine. Such changes are not valid. They lead to more confusion rather than clarification. If we, for example, put the muscles of the legs under stress we give the muscle system two messages. On one hand the muscle  system should carry out a movement on the other hand it should stop that movement half-way. The muscle system is irritated constantly hovering back and forth between the two conditions. Through this vibration an intense  massage of the muscle system is produced. It can loosen up will be better supplied with blood, the flow of lymph will be activated, and the hardened deposits in the muscular system can be drawn out from the tissue. More  oxygen can reach the tissue with a better circulation. The oxydation of food is increased with this oxygen, that has been turned into sugar by the digestive system. The combustion of sugar through oxygen is called  oxydation. Electrons are drawn from the sugar in oxydation, bound with phosphorus and are turned into so-called ATP. This ATP is the smallest energy unit which powers the muscle movement through the transportation of  CA-ions. The flexibility of a muscle depends on the availability of ATP in the muscle system. If no more ATP is supplied the muscle becomes numb and dead.

    This short and incomplete description of physiological  processes in a muscle should demonstrate what in fact we are doing when we charge a body energetically:

     We charge a body when we ensure a sufficient supply of oxygen and food where the muscle system is activated. That means:

    1.Breathing will be activated. There has to be enough oxygen in the area around the body.

     2. The organism has to have enough food in the form of sugar in the tissue.

    3. Through movement of the body or through massages the circulation and transportation of oxygen is increased.

    But now after the energetic  charge of the muscle system, how does the discharge happen? We often describe this process as 'letting go'. This is similar to the picture of an archer who has strained his arch loading it energetically, and then lets  it go to shoot into the target. A similar physiological process within the human organism is unknown to me.

    If a muscle has received the impulse to hold and there is sufficient energy available for this work then it  will not give up. It will hold out and drive the therapist who wishes to start a catharic reaction to despair. With this point in mind the energetic charge is even senseless. The only possibility of bringing a muscle to  let go contrary to the order is in my opinion work. I let it beat, kick, expand until it is exhausted and gives up.

    But why do the known emotional outbreaks happen? I imagine this with two different groups of the  muscle system: One has charged so much energy that muscle movements causing screaming are possible. The other group of muscles receives the order to stop this with alot of energy. If this latter group of muscles is  exhausted the first group can go into action.

    This physiological view, has three consequences for me:

    1. If I want to bring somebody to express held-back feelings through physical activity I have to exhaust the  blocked muscle system - and not re-charge it.

    2. Sometimes it makes sense to load a weak body energetlcally so that the person can feel more alive. This work has to be done in a way that exhaustion does not appear.  Exercises and relaxation breaks have to be in a balanced relationship to one another.Therefore exercises that involve stress are not useful. This must be considered especally working with people who are in physically  bad shape. Also such exercises are not effective when the patient has breathing-problems. According to certain studies a minimum of 25% of the people in our society fall into this category. The improvement of breathing  is an absolutely decisive factor in energy-work with a client.

    3. The theoretical concept of energy-work in B.A. is not final and must be developed further in relation to physiological conditions.

    But how is it that  feelings find their expression in physical reactions? How can movement or touching produce emotional activity and bring those feelings from the unconsciousness back to live?

    We assume there has to be a close  connection between the organs of the body and the nervous system with the brain as storage. But how must one have this? In this view the brain as the universal storage appears to be the essential part of a human being.  The body with its organs of perception would be classified to pick up the necessary impulses and transfer them to the brain. Indeed, the transportation of information from the organs and senses of the body happens in a  truly energetic way. Just like in a computer the perceptions are digitalized. That is, they are transferred into electric impulses and quickly, but most of all are safely transported to the brain and back. (Along with  this electric transformation procedure there is also a chemical one. In certain situations it is better to change from the electronic way to the chemical one and the other way around. But those are details not important  for our question.)

    When we talk about electric impulses we are not talking about metaphors, we are truly dealing with measurable electric energy in the physical sense. One can measure the voltage, define the strengths  of the frequency. When we move a human being, touch him, when he looks at us, listens, then indeed the person undergoes an electric, energetic process. When the transformation of this electric energy is disturbed the  work in the brain is made impossible then there are no perceptions, no memories, no feelings.

    These electric energetical phenomenas do not just affect the structure of the information relay, they are an essential part  of the living structure itself. Every cell in our body is not only a very complex biological structure it also exists because of and as long as there is electrical tension between the internal and external of a cell in  a relaxed state. This tension in the cell is -9OmV and can already be measured with a simple measuring system. In order to keep this tension there is a constant controlled exchange of Ka- and Natriumions through  specific channels which constantly open and close spontaneously. By this quick exchange high-frequency waves are achieved ie. the cell radiates. It sends impulses and information to its surroundings, like a radio  station. The radius of its information-relay depends on the strength of the rays and that the receiver (possibly a cell) and the sender are tuned well. The organs of the human body also differ in that the cells of each  organ vibrate on a different frequency.

    Alternative medicine has used this condition. It has developed apparatus, which can separate healthy vibrational patterns of an organ from ill ones and can eliminate them  pathologically.

    The picture of the transmitter has to be defined more precisely: One has to basically differentiate between two different frequencies. Firstly the transmitter-frequency then the sound-frequency with  the information of speech and music. The sound-frequency will be modulated to the transmitter-frequency, ie. it will vary slightly so that its structure is not changed and the information can be transferred to the  rerceiver which has to be tuned into the exact frequency of the transmitter.

    The vitality of the metabolic process will depend on the strength of the high-frequency rays in the biological cells of our organism. The  modulation can result from specific substances or information from the nervous system.

    This means for B.A. that there must be another information system with high-frequency structure in the human organisam apart from  the known information systems. This information system do not has its own system of paths like the nervous system or vascular system but it is omnipresent like electronic waves that bring us music and pictures into the  living room.

    Now you can imagine that there are bodily and psychological disturbances in the organism which have resulted from the fact that the transmitter and the receiver are not tuned to one another. The problem  can not be solved by increasing the energy level in the transmitter and the receiver but solely by improving the tuning. Both parts must have resonance with one another. Maybe something like this is meant, when in some  medical models it is said that the energy-level between single organ-systems have to be brought into balance with one another. I still cannot say how this work of resonance should look like in B.A. Maybe we produce such  resonances on the bodily level when we do intergration work, when we touch different parts of the body simultaneously, or when we bring the client into contact with these body parts on an imaginary level.

    Up until  now I have said that this high-frequency information system of the cells is effective within the cellular formation, between organs and bodily structures. But high-frequency waves can enter everywhere if they are strong  enough and are not absorbed by specific structures. These waves with specific informations can leave the organism and can be received by another organism which is tuned into the sending or transmitting organism. In this  way humans can communicate without speaking and without seeing each other. This could be the physical basis of relationships, of transference and counter-transference. For our therapeutical work this means that we do  not leave the bodily understanding if we work with the relationship and the transference processes. We are concerned with the fact that two living organisms have to come into resonance with one another or with the  disturbance and interruption of those resonances. Psychotherapy is always body-work -however we go about it.

    Up until now studies on the energetic structures in our organism and their meaning for the bioenergetic  psychotherapy have been concerned with the physiological processes of the organ and cell structure. Classical medicine takes place on this level. The theoretical concept of B.A. is also on this level.

    If we want to  understand and especially want to influence an organism as well as possible we have to try to grasp it on all levels which are relevant for its functions. A doctor who wants to heal cancer but is only concemed with  killing tumor cells will not be successful. He will also have to consider the condition of the immune system. If he does not realize the patient's spiritual problems he will not be effective. He changes from the level  of symtom treatment onto the level of the bodily defense structures, and finally onto the psychological level. He considers the social relationships of the patient.

    So now the following question comes up to me: Are  there still other levels of energetic structures in the human organism that are relevant for the understanding and the effectivity of the bodily therapeutical work? Should they exist but are not known to us then we  could not estimate whether they influence our energetic work - support or hinder. Then we do not know whether there are these unknown structures that are effective and not the structures that we believe to influence.

     When we try to describe the structure of life we normally begin with the cells their organisation to organs and their reciprocal effect. The fact that cells are made of different substances of dead matter is not  relevant. We are concerned with life and that begins with the cell. The molecular and atomic structures which the cell- building substances are made of belong to the world of chemistry and physics - to the world of  non-living material.

    Problems of natural sience and progress of physical research do not incite special interest among phsychotherapists. They are consldered to be much too complicated and cerebral. What a pity!  Because of this the theoretical scientific models of modern physics especially quantum physics and the theory of relativity have not been recognized as helpful for the scientific understanding of complex reality Iike  psychotherapy. Those sciences have made discoveries and developed an understanding of the dead and Iive matter that could give psychotherapy very many impulses and 'grounding'.

    Secondly it can be demonstrated that the  material structure beneath the organisation of life and the understanding of our intellectual, spiritual and psychological world are very significant especially for our energetic work.

    It is well known that our  matter consists of molecules and atoms and that these atoms are made of even smaller elementary particles of which many have been discovered to date. Now experiments have shown that these ideas of different stable parts  which all matter and the world are made of no longer apply. Matter is not a concrete, objective, unchangeable and exactly definable construction. It does not exist at certain places on the sub-atomic level but shows a  tendancy to exist. All elementary particles can flow into one another. They are formed by energy, transform into other elementary particles and dissolve again into energy. Where and when this happens cannot be precisely  defined.

    How can we have an idea of what is happening on this level and which meaning this could have for the understanding of our therapeutical work?  In the following we are especially concerned with neutrons,  photons and electrons.

    The neutrons and photons are particles without mass and volume. They have a certain portion of energy that transport linear impulses into a certain direction with the speed of light and they  have a spin. They form the smallest units of electro-magnetic waves and they have a certain frequency. Neutrinos and photons are the most common particles in the universe. They are omnipresent. If the photon reaches a  certain level of energy ( by acting and spinning) it changes into an electron or positron. In this process we find what Einstein has described in his theory of relativity as the " black hole". What does this  mean?

    Einstein proved that in the universe space is contorted by the presence of a great mass. Let us look at a surface instead of a three-dimensional room: Let us put a large stone onto a rubber sheet. The rubber  sheet will be contorted. The heavier the weight the greater the contortion on the rubber sheet. If the rubber is pulled endlessly down at one point something like the 'black hole' will develop. Ie. in a strong  mass-concentration space will be contorted so much that parts of the room -physicians speak of space-time - are dissolved from its surroundings.

    This would be as if a single drop of water were to dissolve from the  ocean. The 'black hole' develops, a new space-time with completely new characteristics. Space behaves like time and time behaves like space. Ie. a rocket with thrust would experience its own future in this 'black hole'  by the movement of space. Even if it tries to fly backwards it cannot return. It always returns to the events that it has already experienced. In the 'black hole´ time runs in reverse. Because of that other physical  laws change to the opposite: For instance, the second princial of thermo- dynamics which states that nature has a tendancy to adjust the concentration of energy in certain areas. If, for instance, there is a cup of  coffee on a table the coffee will cool down after a while. The thermal energy of the coffee flows into its surroundings. Inside the 'black hole' the opposite would happen. The coffee would draw energy from its  surroundings and become even hotter. While in nature known to us there is a tendancy to greater disorder (chaos) in the 'black hole' all physical processes tend to a greater and greater order.

    Exactly the same  physical processes which take place in the universe also exist on the sub-atomic level, in the atomic structure of our human bodies. The great masses of the universe that cause the 'black hole' through the inter-action  between space and matter do not exist here. But the inter-action between the photons produces such a great density of energy that similar physical effects must happen.

     Here a summary of the structure of electrons and neutrons:

    1. Electrons and neutrons are not concrete material particles, they are events.

    2. They develop through energetic inter-action of photons.

     3. The inter-action is so intense and powerful that the so-called 'black-holes' are produced with an inner space-time.

    4. In the inner space-time all essential physical processes run reverse to the reality known to us.

    What can these phenomenas of the theory of relativity mean for our psychotherapeutic questions? If it is true that our bodies are filled with electrons then there are unbelievably many 'black holes' in us - ie.  events with another physical reality to the one which we experience daily. Our future and our past are inside us and constantly present because there is no time in the 'black holes' according to our idea of past,  present and future. The mysterious unconsciousness that we Iike to examlne in psychotherapy has a real physical structure.

    When two electrons meet an inter-action takes place between the two of them. Durlng thls  inter-action an impulse is exchanged between the photon of the one and the photon of the other electron. This process can be compared to two balls that collide. The colliding ball remains still but loses its energy and  stops. The second ball will start to move and takes over the energy from the first ball. This exchange of impulse changes the involved electrons in a certain way, ie. this event of exchange, this meeting, this  inter-action is stored. This event is stored in the structure of a photon. These stored events of particles are called ´patterns of Iight´. Each electron and positron has an individual treasury of experiences that is  being constantly enlarged because there are always new inner patterns of light added through new experiences. This treasury of experience can be re-called at any time. The characteristics of the electrons and positrons  are exactly like the elementary characterlstics of the consciousness. The electrons and positrons can be seen as the smallest units of the consciousness. This means that the total matter is spiritually intelligent, ie.  supporter of the consiousness. Through the ability of the electrons to exchange and store information it seems to be able to learn. Due to the physlcal conditions there is no random increase of patterns of light through  the exchange of impulse in the electrons but rather a process of concentration. The structure of the patterns reach an increasingly higher order and frequency of photons, ie. the electrons are stimulated.

    Of course  our world and our life does not take place on the level of electrons. It is not a simple product or a projection of different conditions of electrons. Our life is made possible by biological cells and those cells are  organized as in molecules. These molecules on the other hand develop through exactly defined atomic content. And each atom has a spedfic structure with a certain number of electrons. But exactly these atoms, molecules  and cells of the same kind and the same name differ from each other through the fact that their electron structure is enriched with different patterns of light. The degree of stimulation can be higher or lower and the  treasury of experiences can vary. The vitality of a cell and its treasury of experience depends essentially on the patterns of light which could store and concentrate electrons. This condition of the cells where they  are stimulated through very many patterns of light is what we call ´bioplasma´, or in other models of energy ´Prana´ ´Od´ ´Orgon- energy´ or the ´Chi´ in Chinese medicine. Therfore the balance between Yin and Yan in the  energy-work of Chinese medicine is something totally different from what we mean with energy-work in classic B.A. We work on the level of bio-chemical metabolic processes. Chinese medicine works on the level of  sub-atomic electro-magnetic structures.

    Now there are cells with a similar structure of electrons, electrons which have similar experiences and have exchanged many patterns of light with one another. One could say  they relate very well to one another, can communicate more easily. Physically seen they have similar patterns of frequencies and develop resonance more easily, ie. the transmitted frequencies can be received more  easily. Experiments in bio-photon research have shown that the cells of the biologlcal organisms are constructed in such a way that they can receive photon rays in a very effective way and can even intensify them. The  cell reacts like the body of a guitar which intensifies the sound through its ability to resound. Together with this an electro-magnetic ray is produced that swings at a high level of harmony.

    It has been shown by the  biophoton research that DNA in cells is not only a place where our heriditary information is stored but also a gigantic storage for photons. The structure of DNA provides an ideal antenna for receiving and sending  electromagnetic waves. With this set of antennae the cells are able to exchange photons ie. information, but also to send and receive externally. On the one hand with this field of rays electrons guides and feeds all  bio-chemical metabolic processes and the constructions of new biological structures on the other hand.

    Every new-born human being has a certain quantity and quality of patterns of light imbedded in his blological  structure. Through contact with his environment, through breathing and nourishment, he adopts new patterns of light. These new and the old patterns of light are unfamiliar to one another at first. An exchange of  information takes place, they are more familar with one another, ie. an energetic concentration takes place, the frequencies are increased, the biological structures become more vital. If the human being has many  positive experiences the patterns of light can develop accordingly. On the other hand disturbances can occur as a result of dramatic experiences. The disturbing frequencies are higher, overlap the other ones. Or they  cannot be brought into resonance with one another. If too few patterns of light are absorbed the electrons of the biological structures cannot be stimulated. If the rays of the patterns of light are too weak no other  areas inside or outside of the organism can be reached. No contact can be made to other beings or their need for contact cannot be picked up.

    This can mean the following for our therapeutic work: If our life  experiences or our traumatic history is really manifested in the structure of the sub-atomic matter then we can only be successful with our work when our interventions - whatever they are- are effective in this area.  Energy-work - on the subatomic level - never means only the increasing of patterns of light in the electrons. The exchange of information between the photons is decisive. They have to become familiar with one another,  have to become capable of resonance. The photons in the electron structure have to reach a state of concentration also. It is only through this that they reach a higher state of order with a higher frequency that they  are enriched with energy and that they will be more likely to communicate. That means that the stored information achieves a better structure and another consciousness. Only then can they begin to communicate with other  structures more intensively. Only then can they achieve new perspectives or allow new behavioural patterns.

    Up to now our energy-work targets at the general mobilization of the structures of cells or possibly the  corresponding electrons. We guarantee an increasing of the patterns of Iight through our activation of the metabolic process. This can also happen when we loosen up the cramped muscules. The transportation of patterns  of Iight will possibly be improved. But the concentration of the patterns of light is subject to coincidence. All therapeutic systems that have worked partly on this level for thousands of years place great importance  on the concentration of the patterns of light. They use meditation, imagination, concentrated physical exercises like Tal Chi, Chi Gong and many more as techniques. For our work the above methods mean that catharsis in  energy- work is not decisive but rather concentrative work is needed to stimulate the physical and biological process that makes spiritual and intellectual growth possible. Because all experiences - the psychological  and intellectual - develop throug the exchange of patterns of light on the subatomic level it is only there that all experiences are stored.

    According to classical medicine all our experiences and achievements are  produced processed and stored in the brain. Because of the brain is also made of cell structures and on a sub-atomic level this also applies to the model presented here. This is even intensified by the fact that the  cells of the brain and nervous system do not disintegrate or regenerate as quickly as the cells of other organs. Therefore the level of knowlege and experience or the familiarity of the electron structures is larger,  the organization is better. More knowlege can be stored in this area than anywhere else. On the other hand with this model the brain is not the only storage place for information, feelings, knowledge. Each cell  -wherever it is and works in the body - is a storage for information with a huge capacity. Therefore it is of course imagineable that experiences which a human being has made with a certain part of his body are stored,  memorized and reactivated at the exact same place in the body. If I try to activate the memory of this place through words or through the intellect this will surely take much longer and will be more difficult than if I  had directly activated this part of the body - if I can be successful at all with this detour. This has to mean I must always use body-work if I ever want to make the reactivation of suppressed feelings or memories  possible or create other living or behavioural patterns.

    In this context it is very interesting for B.A. to deal with the old concept of Chakren. This concept describes many centres of energy in the human body with  possible blockages and the possibility of dissipating disturbances or activating the energy centres. In our classical concept of B.A. we will often cause effects in this area but we do this blindly and very  unintentionally. If we take the word "energy" in B.A. seriously and use it along with an energy concept of psychotherapy we must place this concept on a solid and logical basis. With my explanations I wanted  to give you hints and encourage you to take part in the development of such models. My studies in this area were often quite difficult for me but incredibly exciting and fascinating. I am sure that the most important  things have not been discovered and described.

    For the further development of practical work in the above-described form we can gain alot of help from all people and therapeutical systems that have always worked on  this level even if they are still described as ´esoteric´ and are therefore regarded very sceptically.

    In concluding while occupying yourselves with photons, electrons and vibrations, I would like to remind you that  my actual theme is: ´Energy and Identity´.

    I have tried to show that an essential part of B.A.'s identity is the issue with energy, that this a very modern and exciting concept. With this B.A. makes the point clear  that psychotherapy always has to deal with energetic processes. It cannot do anything but that. We do not only state we also show that body, soul and spirit are an inseparable unit - which is energy.

    We also state  that we human beings are a unique energetic process that we consist of energy, that this is the same energy that makes up the whole universe. This complex and gigantic processes takes place in ourselves, just as they do  in the universe, that means - we are actually never really alone.


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