Volume 13, Number 1. Winter 2002

Christa D.Ventling

The Significance of Scientific Research for Bioenergetics


Dr. Ulrich Gudat

The Efficacy of Bioenergetic Analysis as a Method of Psychotherapy


Christa D.Ventling

Efficacy of Bioenergetic Therapies and Stability of the Therapeutic Result: A Retrospective Investigation


Margit Koemeda-Lutz, Ph.D. & Hans Peter, M.D.

What do human bodies tell us? In Search of statistically significant empirical confirmation for the "Language of the Body' A study in  Bioenergetic body-diagnostics


Vincentia S. Schroeter

The Role of Sensory Styles in Psychotherapy: Synopsis of research 


Helen Resnick-Sannes

Psychobiology of Affects: Implications for a Somatic Psychotherapy


Beatriz de Almeida Rego Saboya

Looking at Physical and Relational Development from the Point of View            of What is Natural: Grounding-From Father and from Mother,Centering, Facing